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UFO Hunters Debate Underground Base
DULCE — UFO hunters came to this northern New Mexico town Sunday armed with satellite images, secret documents and grainy photos that they claim the government doesn't want you to see. (March 30)

Aliens? Underground? in Dulce?
It's hard not to wonder how a retired funeral director living in Rio Rancho became involved with investigating tales of an alleged underground alien/U.S. military base in Dulce, a town of some 3,000 people on Jicarilla Apache land. (Jan. 18)

New Mexico Will Launch Cosmic Theme With Rose Float
New Mexico is going spacey with its float for the next Tournament of Roses Parade. (Nov. 8)

UFO Enthusiasts Pack Roswell for Festival
ROSWELLă Attention all aliens: Come on down. Because, seriously, this is your crowd, as 50,000 of your closest admirers are gathering this weekend for the Roswell UFO Festival, celebrating the 60th anniversary of the nearby crash landing of a flying sauceră and, naturally, the ensuing government coverup. (July 8)

Flash Was Meteor, Expert Says
Look! Up in the sky, it's a bird; it's a plane; it's a ... piece of space junk? (Oct. 3)

Photo Allegedly Surfaces of 1976 Clovis UFO "Incident."
Canadian UFOlogist Brian Vike claims to have obtained a photograph, to be sure a fuzzy one, of a tubular-shaped unidentified flying object that allegedly flew over Clovis on Jan. 21, 1976, the Clovis News Journal reported this weekend on its Web site. (Oct. 5)

Stops Along The Outer Limits
When you're packing for a road trip into the continuum, you can't take chances. (Oct. 5)

Researchers Seek Witnesses To UFO Crashes
AZTEC, N.M.   —   Were you looking into the New Mexico sky in 1947 or 1948? Did you see little green men or the smoldering wreckage of a strange ship? A pair of researchers trying to uncover the secrets of two purported UFO crashes wants to pick your brain. (May 7)

Rumor of Planet X Debunked by UNM Professor
Astronomer Steve Gregory was making the late-night drive back to Albuquerque from the Capilla Peak Observatory in May when he first heard the tale of Planet X. (July 5)

Roswell's Annual UFO Festival Ready For Takeoff
Roswell will be populated by creatures from outer space   —   or at least those dressed up like them   —   for the city's fifth annual UFO Festival this week. (July 2)

Sandia Scientist Doubts Space Junk Lit Sky
Speculation abounded Sunday over what lit up the sky with brilliant streaks of light seen Saturday night from New Mexico to Nebraska. (December 2)

Bringing 'Roswell Incident' Back to Earth
No one wanted to believe more than Karl Pflock that it was an alien spacecraft that crashed near Roswell in 1947. Nine years of investigation led Pflock to a different conclusion. (July 31)

Roswell Gears Up For 2001 UFO Festival
In "2001: A Space Odyssey," an authoritarian computer named HAL hurtles actor Gary Lockwood into deep space. Lockwood lands this week in Roswell. (July 4)

Millions Volunteer to Search for Alien Life
Michael Johnson is so committed to finding life in outer space he bought an dlrs 800 computer to do nothing but analyze radio signals for signs of E.T. (February 28)

UFO Watchtower Provides Platform For Believers
Green, glow-in-the-dark cutouts of bug-eyed extraterrestrials line a dusty road off a two-lane highway in southern Colorado. Travelers stop in a makeshift parking lot on Judy Messoline's ranch, get out and wander into a small, domed building with shelves stocked with "alien dust," posters, shiny extraterrestrial dolls and pyramid candles. (October 16)

Michigan Sees Growing Interest in Spirits, Haunting
Haunted houses, ghost-infested graveyards and other supernatural phenomena are attracting a growing interest in Michigan these days. (October 16)

Channeler Won't Testify About Confession
The woman who claims to channel a 35,000-year-old warrior spirit called Ramtha said she can't take the witness stand against a Pe Ell couple accused of sexual misconduct with a 15-year-old girl. (October 16)

On July 3, 1947, rancher W.W. "Mac" Brazel came across the wreckage of a crashed craft on one of his sheep pastures. He showed the strange debris to some neighbors, then alerted the sheriff in Roswell. Over the next few days, the U.S. Army Air Force cleared away the wreckage, and on July 8 issued a press release identifying it as a crashed flying saucer. The next day, the government said it had been mistaken; it was actually a crashed weather balloon.
In 1997, Roswell marked the anniversary of the crash -- and 50 years of mystery, investigations, government secrecy, conspiracy theories and allegations of cover-ups.

  • Journal editorial cartoonist John Trever's take on the 50th Anniversary

    UFO Festival Set For July
    The Little Green Men are landing in Roswell again this summer. (April 6)

    A Question of Space
    When the International UFO Museum and Research Center landed here in November 1992, few noticed. The media were largely absent. Few visitors showed up. (July 23)

    Trek Roswell 2000
    Flash presentation of the activities of the recently-completed Trek Roswell 2000, including photos and video. (July 4)

    Alien Days Coming To Roswell
    Little Green Men are coming to Roswell. So is a Star Trek alien. So are the Roswell Ride and the Sinking Titanic Slide. (June 28)

    '98 Roswell UFO Fest 'a Success'
    Some 10,000 visitors filled Roswell motel rooms through the weekend for the '98 edition of the city's UFO Encounter, which one official called "a success."

  • '98 UFO Fest Features One-Man Musical

    Scientists Scoff at Chunk of Roswellian 'Unearthly' Silicon
    A chunk of silicon touted as unearthly scientific proof that a UFO crashed near Roswell 50 years ago could have been cooked up easily in any college chemistry lab, scientists say.

    Roswell Myths Crash Into Reality
    Skeptics say distant memories of ordinary events have been stitched together by UFO believers into a compelling but untrue Roswell UFO tale.

    Air Force: Roswell Case Closed
    The Air Force is sticking to its story. Those weren't alien bodies secretly recovered from a UFO crash site in New Mexico half a century ago. They were dummies. "Case closed," the Air Force says in a 231-page report on the Roswell Incident.

  • The Air Force has released its second report on the Roswell Incident

    Air Force Claims Aliens Just Test Dummies
    What Roswell residents thought were hairless extraterrestrials who crashed to earth in July 1947 were just dummies used in 1950s parachuting experiments, according to a new Air Force report.

    Here is the question:
    Do you think the debris found in Roswell was really that of a flying saucer?

    Read the original Roswell incident stories as they appeared in the Albuquerque Journal.

  • Sunday morning, July 6, 1947
  • Tuesday morning July 8, 1947
  • Wednesday morning July 9, 1947

    Roswell '47 - They Lived It
    Six New Mexicans directly affected by the crash of what was first called a UFO, then a weather balloon, share their memories of the event 50 years ago. Here are their stories:

  • Loretta Proctor, 82.
  • Frank Kaufmann, 80
  • Glenn Dennis, 72
  • Walter Haut, 74
  • Robert Shirkey, 74
  • Frank Joyce, 74

  • Archive of related Roswell stories published in the Albuquerque Journal

    UFO Bash No Letdown, Roswell Says
    The party's over in Roswell, and city officials are satisfied with their small town's image around the world as home to a UFO crash 50 years ago.

    Spaceship 'Crashes' Roswell Anniversary Festival
    An alien spaceship crashed and burned on Main Street here Saturday, scattering a crowd and giving hundreds of visitors a taste of what they like to believe happened here 50 years ago.

    Alleged UFO Fragment Unveiled
    A chemist, a movie producer and a hypnotherapist announced Friday they have obtained and tested a piece of debris from the 1947 Roswell crash and determined it is "of extraterrestrial origin."

    Crash Site Flops as UFO Woodstock
    As a minimecca for the UFO faithful, Hub Corn's ranch had been viewed as a salesman's dream. But, as of Independence Day, Corn commotion hasn't lived up to expectations.

    A virtual voyage to "Encounter '97"
    We couldn't let the 50th anniversary of the Roswell incident go by without taking a look at things for ourselves. So take a trip with us as we visit Roswell.

    Virtual Voyage Videos

  • UFO crash site recovery crew - 809k
  • The crash site at Hub Corn's ranch - 908k
  • Native American dancers at the Hub Corn crash site - 990k
  • Native American consecrate the crash site - 776k
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    Crash Site Claims Abound 'Round Roswell
    Fifty years after the "Roswell Incident," a dizzying array of official crash sites sprawls out across the New Mexico plains.

    Books About the Incident: Fiction or Non
    Emerging from the slag of Roswell books is "UFO Crash at Roswell: Genesis of a Modern Myth." After reading this groundbreaking book you can't look at the Roswell Incident the same way.

  • Capsule Reviews of Roswell Books